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Our digital marketing agency uses analytical analysis to enhance our clients returns on their marketing efforts. We use data as a roadmap for your business objectives through creative and profitable marketing strategies & campaigns.


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Digital Marketing Agency

Competitive Research Marketing Strategies Creative Branding

Online Ventures Asia is a Malaysian based Digital Marketing agency that offers a competitive advantage through the use of digital analytics and analysis.  We provide cost effective, efficient digital marketing solutions that maximize results from your advertising budgets. Our marketing services coupled with detailed reporting and analysis will allow you to make superior management decisions for maximum profitability.

Identifying a customers needs are essential in creating as effective, profitable digital marketing strategy.

Marketing Value Process

Understanding Goals + Leveraging Business Intelligence   Profitability Analysis

We are experts in competitive research and analysis. Our research is used to create well-planned marketing campaigns and strategies that combine creativity with accountability.  Our analytics and reporting allow for continuous monitoring and improvements through AB and multivariate testing.   We leverage the data that we collect to increase your company’s online business intelligence and brand awareness.

The Internet is a dynamic system, that is constantly changing. We thrive on real time marketing.

Data Driven Marketing

Identifying Opportunity +   Strategic Planning  Testing & Analysis

Our team works directly with your staff to develop complete marketing solutions that give your digital campaigns the insights that they deserve. We believe that a successful digital marketing campaign occurs when you have a good understanding of the data you collect.  Our data analysts & digital marketers will explain the data that we collect from your website interactions & digital marketing campaigns.

Data is a digital marketer’s best friend; it sets the foundation for scalability and growth.

Effective Digital Strategies

Understanding Your Goals  + Cost Based AnalysisForward Looking Strategies

Creating an effective marketing strategy begins by fully understanding a clients products and services, target markets and end users. In many cases, creating a truly effective marketing strategy takes hours of research and testing to ensure that your advertising budget is being spent in the most efficient and effective manner.  Online Ventures Asia is dedicated to running  your marketing campaign at optimal efficiency.

Understanding the actual cost for generating a digital lead is critical in today’s digital media marketplace.

Some Of Our Clients

Understanding Goals  +  Competitive ResearchData Driven Marketing
Online Ventures Asia helps businesses achieve their marketing goals through analytical based digital marketing.  Our services include search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization, Google AdWords management, marketing research & analysis,  website design & development, content marketing, strategic marketing, and profitability analysis.

Digital Marketing Services

Data Analytics +  Web Design & Development Search Engine Marketing

Online Ventures Asia has been helping clients with their digital marketing since 2014. Our clients range from small start up businesses to large international corporations. We excel in all aspects of digital marketing including, research & analytics, reporting and data analysis, web design and web development, search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization, Google Adwords management, and social media.

Online Ventures Asia can manage all aspects of your digital marketing from web design, to SEO and data analytics

Digital Marketing Solutions

Digital Marketing is about people and how they react to digital media.  We work with our clients to connect your company to the world.  We use data to analyze your messaging to make sure that your audiences understand the benefit and value that your produsts and servers offer.

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