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A Data Driven Digital Marketing Agency

Our digital marketing agency uses analytical data to enhance our clients returns on their marketing efforts.  Our digital marketing team works directly with our clients to understand the needs and wants of their target market.  We focus on our clients success.

Branding & Design

Marketing Insights

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Conversion Optimization

Digital MArketing Agency

Expert Designers + Competitive Research + Focus On Marketing

Online Ventures Asia is a Malaysian registered company based in Empire Tower, SS16, Subang Jaya, Malaysia.  Our company was founded in 2014 to help Malaysian companies take advantage of  the internet and digital marketing.  Since 2014, we have help clients develop and grow their online market share in digital markets across the globe.  Our digital agency’s DNA is made up of accounting, finance, data, media and digital advertising.  We focus on profitability!

Digitally Designed Success

Digital Strategies + Professionally Designed + Marketing Solutions


Our strategic planners provide a clear road map, data driven in nature, that insures your marketing campaign’s success!


Our design team takes great pride in balancing form and function. We know that success lies with the end consumer.


Analytical data plays an important role in today’s fast paced business environment, its what drives our marketing campaigns.


The ability to comprehend a clients needs is critical to getting the right results. We understand the need to listen and learn.

Our Value Process

Understanding Goals + Competitive Analysis + Long Term Thinking

Online Ventures Asia, is a digital marketing company that places a high value on our clients success.  We work directly with our partners to support their marketing ambitions on the internet.  We are analytical, we are focused, we are working towards your goals, everyday.  Our goal is to add lasting value to our clients brand and online presence. We begin every digital marketing campaign by identifying areas of opportunity, understanding you customers, and setting baselines and expectations that will lead towards your company goals.  We can add value to your company by targeting both tactical and strategic initiatives.

Effective Digital Strategies

Identifying Opportunity + Strategic Planning + Effective Solutions

Today’s digital marketing environment is  driven by enormous amounts of data which needs well trained people to manage.  Online Ventures Asia is unique in that our agency is focused on understanding and identifying how best to use data to our clients advantage.  We set up goals, measure, and analyze the results  to test our understanding of a target market and how the market interacts with our campaign messaging. Identifying a customers needs are essential in creating as effective, profitable digital marketing strategy.  In many cases we work directly with our clients to fully understand both the product / services and the customer, which result in greater, more cost effective solutions.

Some OF Our ClienTS

Understanding Goals + Competitive Research + Data Driven Marketing

Data Driven Marketing

Identifying Opportunity + Strategic Planning + Effective Solutions

Digital marketing can involve collecting large amounts of data that can be acted upon within a short period of time. Online Ventures Asia mission is to be able to leverage the reporting and analysis of data for our clients benefit.  Our team works directly with your staff to develop complete marketing solutions that give your digital campaigns the insights that they deserve. We believe that a successful digital marketing campaign happens when you have a good understanding of what you with the data you collect.  Our data analysts and digital marketers work with our website designers to collect, analyse and test our clients websites, market demographics, campaign messaging and more – to provide our clients with a realistic competitive advantage.

Digital Marketing Services

Web Design + SEO + AdWords + Social Media + Analytics + Strategy

Online Ventures Asia has been helping clients with their digital marketing since 2014.  Through the years we have been learning, changing and adapting our clients marketing strategies in hope of offering our clients the best chance at a successful marketing campaign.  We have through time, become very good at many of the different areas of digital marketing.   Today Online Ventures Asia can manage all aspects of your digital marketing from web design, to SEO and data analyics.

We provide Digital Solutions

Digital Marketing is about people and how they react to digital media.  We work with our clients to connect your company to the world.  We use data to analyze your messaging to make sure that your audiences understand the benefit and value that your produsts and servers offer.

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