Why Cheap SEO May Cost You A Fortune

by | May 21, 2022 | SEO, SEO Services

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The definition of cheap SEO is subjective because it depends on what the person considers to be valuable.

Generally, people think of cheap SEO as services that promise top rankings in search engines but use low-quality or spammy tactics.

These techniques can include keyword stuffing, link building from irrelevant websites, and automated article submissions.

Some providers of cheap SEO services will also offer guaranteed results, which is a big red flag as there is no way to guarantee specific placement in search engine results pages (SERPs). 

There are a lot of great SEO agencies who offer SEO at very reasonable costs, just be wary of the ones who push a hard sell and promise the world.

The High Cost of Low-Quality Seo Services

When it comes to SEO, cheap is not always best. In fact, many times, low-cost services can end up costing you more in the long run.

This is because these services often rely on black hat or spammy techniques that can get your website penalized by Google and other search engines.

As a result, your website may lose its ranking and visibility, resulting in a decrease in traffic and sales.

In order to safe-guard your website, keep a constant watch on the types of links that are being applied to your website.  Try to verify if such links are permeant and are from reliable, trustworthy websites.

Spammy Links might give your website a temporary boost, but Google will eventually analyze your websites links and penalize you in the future.

In addition to links, keep a watchful eye on the content that is being applied to your website.  Does the content reflect your companies core vales?

Spammy or thin content can quickly sink a healthy website by diluting it’s relevancy.  So try to keep a check on the type and quality of your websites SEO content.

What Is The Long-Term Impact Of Cheap Seo?

Someone once said, It’s always easier to make a mess than it is to clean up after one.  We believe that the same saying holds true for SEO too.

Solid SEO helps your company carve out a niche on the internet, it builds your brand, as a premier source for information, services and products.

How can low cost SEO solutions provide such value, especially in highly competative industries?

The answer is they simply can not, and over time your website can suffer the damaging effects of thin content and spammy links.

Remember – SO is an investment towards the future.  Your building something special that should last and benefit your company for many years to come.

How Can You Tell If A Seo Service Is Reputable?

One of the first signs of a less than reputable SEO company is a promise of guaranteed results. Google just doesn’t work that way anymore.

There’s no one magic bullet that is going to quickly propel your website to the first page.  Well they might rank your website fast, results never last long-term.

A reputable SEO company will take some time to explain what they would like to do for your website.  They will also explain how they have used similair methods in the past, and believe that your website will benefit in a similair fashion.

Reputable SEO companies will provide your with details of their work, show your a progress chart and not oversell their services.

Finding Right SEO Partner

The importance of choosing the right SEO partner

SEO Services are not cheap.  A reputatble SEO company should be upfront with their costs and expected benefits of their services for your website.

You should carefully review a SEO companies proposal and staff to determine if your comfortable with them.

Choosing a reputable SEO company is much like choosing a business partner, and should require the proper dudiligence.

We belive that the key to choosing a reputable SEO company occurs when your allowed to see the monthly work that they perform on your website.

How to find a reputable SEO company

SEO Companies are everywhere, especially when you start Googling for them.  Take some time to read the material on their website, read their blog, and survey their staff.

Ask to see a sample of their monthly work, ask for a few samples of long-term success stories.

Ask for a few samples of websites who have used their services, but stopped due to what ever reasons.  It’s important to make sure that your website will be able to stand on it’s own feet if you decide not to continue with SEO services.

Unfortunately, several SEO companies have a tendency to rent links and may actually remove any links they built to your website.  So be careful, and take your time.

Word of mouth is probably the best way to find a good SEO company.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Seo Investment

The best SEO advise we have for companies is to verify and validate your keywords, make sure achieving first page results will lead towards the outcomes you want.

In many circumstances, we have achieved a first page rank for keywords that did nothing for the client. Sure, their website was on the first page, but the clicks they received never lead to any new sales. 

In one circumstance, we achieved a first page rank for an online dress shop but realized that most people searching for dresses online were more interested in images of dresses than they were text search.

It would have made a lot more sense to validate your keywords with a simple AdWords campaign.  If your AdWords are driving new sales, then your over the target and should try to optimize your website for the keywords.

Another trick/method that we like to use with our SEO services is to target one individual keyword category at a time.  We like to target individual keyword categories because we feel that they will offer quicker returns on your SEO investment as we are focusing 100% of our efforts on that one individual category.

Isn’t it better to see individual keyword segments rank on the 1st page faster than having to wait for all your keyword targets to rank at the same time.

A third word of advice is to be patient and focus your efforts on conversion results.  After all conversions are the only SEO metric that pays your bills. 


We are sure that there are a lot of great SEO companies and freelancers who offer very fair prices on some quality SEO work.  Actually we would like to think that Online Ventures Asia is one such SEO agency.

If we had one word of advise that we would like you to remember from this article.  It would be that you should always market your website from a multichannel approach.

Investing in search engine optimization is a smart choice for most companies, just be careful and hire someone who does quality work.  Think long-term with your SEO, and be engaged with the people who are doing the work.

Let them educate you on their strategy and monthly deliverables.

Philip J. Polaski

Philip J. Polaski

Online Ventures Asia

Philip Polaski is a Digital Marketer and Web Designer with over 15 years of experience in helping small and medium-sized businesses reach their potential through digital marketing. 

Philip J. Polaski

Philip J. Polaski

Online Ventures Asia

Philip Polaski is a Digital Marketer and Web Designer with over 15 years of experience in helping small and medium-sized businesses reach their potential through digital marketing.