Mobile Website Design

Mobile Website Design

Is Your Website performing in Well on Mobile?

Why Your Business Needs A Mobile Business Website?

Strategy Analytics reported that in the third quarter of 2012, the number of smartphone users has grown to over 1 billion.  Today smartphone usage continues to grow at a tremendous rate all over the world.

A Google report states that 66% of mobile users access the Internet every day from their smartphone. This statistic continues to increase every day!

Mobile Users Want A Fast Browsing Experience

Our Mobile Website platform is optimized to give your website lightning fast loading times.  This advantage will translate into more visitors, better search engine ranking and a better overall user experience.

Our mobile website platform includes easy to use icons and functions that will help your customers interact with your business.

Mobile Websites Are Essential For Business

Recent studies of mobile web usage suggest that over 90% of smartphone users search for local business information on their hand phones. The same percentage also take action and call, email or visit the business that they find. If your business website is not targeting mobile smartphone users then you’re missing out on a golden opportunity.

Our Mobile websites are designed to maximize a business’s potential on the internet.  With our mobile business website platform you’re ready for business in just 15 minutes.  Spend a little more time and you can add coupons, reservations, location finder and mCommerce to your mobile site.

With A Mobile Website There’s No Need For Apps

It makes little sense to spend money on multiform app development when a mobile website can be used on basically every smartphone.  A mobile website is a much better investment of company funds for both short term and long term planning. A mobile website gives you the flexibility that it will display on Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows phone, Palm and any mobile device with a browser.

So there’s no need to waste precious marketing funds on separate Apps for both I-phones and android smartphones.  With a MobileMy mobile website you’ll have all the bases covered at a fraction of the cost.

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