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Our company strive to add value to our clients digital marketing campaigns by offering realistic, analytic based digital marketing solutions.

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Digital Marketing

Understanding Your Customer’s Needs

Online Ventures Asia was founded in 2014 to help Malaysian businesses increase their sales and branding through digital marketing. Our goal is simple, to provide the best in competitive research, digital analytics, and creativity for our clients.

Our digital services include website design and development, search engine optimization, social media marketing, Google AdWords management, competitive research, and digital analytics.

Our company strive to add value to our clients digital marketing campaigns by offering realistic, analytic based digital solutions that match our clients marketing budgets.  We focus on efficiency & profitability and tie our work directly to your marketing goals.

Digital marketing should enable a company to reach unlimited market potential while maintaining a budget conscious perspective.

Understanding Your Customers Needs

Every successful digital marketing campaign begins by taking the time to fully understand a client’s products and/or services and the benefits that they offer to prospective customers.

In addition to understanding a client’s products and services, a marketing company must also research and understand the customer’s needs and wants.

Understanding the characteristics of a customers search can significantly reduce the cost of your marketing campaign.

We Love To Crunch The Numbers

Digital Marketing allows you to quantify your efforts to determine the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

We provide our clients with detailed, clearly stated reports and dashboards that help them to determine if our services are effective in providing the results that they desire.

We combine creative genius with detailed analytics for a winning digital marketing solution for your company.

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Digital Marketing

We provide the most advanced digital marketing solutions in Asia.



Web Design

We design award winning websites using a customer-centric approach.



Search Optimization

Our Search Optimization will help reduce the money you spend on advertising.


Ecommerce Web Design

Social Marketing

Social media can help you retain your customers while finding new ones.


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Digital Marketing is about people, and how they react to digital media.  Our digital marketing assures that your audiences understands the benefits and values that you offer.

Online Ventures Asia

We will connect your company to the world by providing you with superior marketing results using the latest account based marketing strategies & methods.