5 Important Web Pages for your Website

by | Jan 16, 2022 | Website Design, Business Websites

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The 80-20 Rule is valid for website traffic.  Focus your effort on the important pages.


The Pareto principle states that 80% of consequences come from 20% of causes.  At Online Ventures Asia, we have validated that the Pareto Principle also holds true for web design & digital marketing.

Over the years we have determined that there are five very important webpages that you should never neglect in terms of design and focus.

In fact, our digital marketers & web designers recommend that you spend at least 50% of your time perfecting these 5 pages, before moving on to your other web pages.

Creating a great website can overwhelm a lot of people, save time & money by focusing on what matters most to your customers.

Our goal with this article is to educate our clients about each of the five website pages.  We hope that after reading this article you will understand why we spend a lot of time talking about these pages when designing a website.

Home page – will always be your most popular page

The homepage will most likely be the first page someone sees when they visit your website.  The homepage will need to play several roles, in terms of user experience, navigation, and conversions.

A homepages first goal is to tell your website visitor that they have found the right website.

Your homepage’s images, and content layout are extremely important as most website visitors will quickly scan your homepage to determine if they are on the “right site”.

Your homepage needs to say, “Hi, you’re on the right website, here’s how I can help you.”

Hopefully your website visitor begins to feel comfortable as they view your images and content, and confidently begin to scan your menu items or read your homepage content.  A website designer’s goal is to provide enough information on the homepage to assist your visitor in satisfying their specific needs.

A website’s homepage plays an important role, make sure that your homepage design quickly tells your visitors who you are, what your products and services are and how they can navigate to find additional information.

We believe that developing a great website design does not happen by chance and recommend that you “bench test” your homepage to ensure that your design provides an optimal experience.

At this time, we currently use technologies from Hotjar and Google Optimize to record and AB test our designs.

Products & Services pages – need to be informational 

A quality products or service page should show detailed information. The content and images should be high quality and position your company as an industry leader.

Products and services pages can actually help increase your profit margin if a web visitor perceives your products and services as premium or world class.

A well written product/service page will also help your sales teams by answering common questions and concerns, thus eliminating the need to answer general enquiries.

About Us page – provides confidence & assurance

An about Us page is another important web page as its role is to assure your online customers that they are dealing with a reputable company.

About Us pages are usually viewed when your website visitor has found what they are looking for and are contemplating if they should take the next step in the sales process by contacting your company.

Testimonial page – help to reduce your visitors’ doubts

Testimonial pages add validity to a website’s products and services claims.  These pages play an important role in the sales process and usually fit in between the about us and contact page in terms of user flow.

It’s important to use real testimonials with actual customer images.

Testimonial pages play an important role in conversion rate performance, in addition some SEOs believe that a well-structured testimonial page could even boost your website in organic search results.

Contact Us page – is where the action happens

Contact page designs vary by industry as some pages cater to walk in customers while others are only concerned with collecting a website visitors contact details.

Online Ventures Asia suggests that it would be worth-while to study your competitor’s contact pages and learn how to improve on their designs.

In general, a contact page should be simple in design and not distract a user’s intention – which would be to contact you.

It’s also wise to always AB test your contact pages to determine which web page design works best for your customers.

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