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Professional Copywriting Services

Our Professional Copywriters Make Good Things Happen

Professional Copywriting

We Understand That Great Content Will Always Be King.

Online Ventures Asia provides professional copywriting for our clients. We understand that your branding and marketing has to “do more”. Today our copy creates an interaction between consumer and brand. This transfer of information helps your business provide better products and services. Information transfer is the future in marketing and branding. We understand that your business want results. Our copywriting will find you the right words for the right results.

Blank Page Syndrome

There’s nothing worse than staring at a blank  piece of paper or computer screen.  At this stage it’s almost impossible to write good content. If you need some help with web content or a publication, give us a call. Our copyrighting services can provide you with tips and suggestions to make your project stands out. Our copywriters have a passion for words and will help find the right words for you. That’s their gift!

Content Is Really King

Quality copywriting is a key component of successful website design. It’s important to use the correct words, phrases and grammar. Search engines grade websites on their spelling, punctuation and grammar.  Quality copywriting will help your website on search engine results pages (SERPs).  All of our copywriters understand how content relates to SEO.  We will make sure that our content is right for your website.

 Get The Results You Want

Copywriting involves more than just clever words. Today’s content has to get results.  When we take on a copywriting assignment, we’ll be asking a lot of questions for our copy brief. These questions are used to create the right content for your goals. Knowing what type of results a client wants is key to creating great content and copy.

Understanding Your Business

Online Ventures Asia was formed to help small businesses succeed online. Our copywriting services are focused on small and medium sized business needs. With Online Ventures Asia, we will take the time to meet with our clients.  We feel that it is critical to physically visit your business establishment. By taking the time to experience your business. We will  be able to ‘truly’ emphasize on what makes your business stand out.  If a picture says a thousand words.  How many words is a physical visit worth?  Please contact us for a FREE consultation.

Our Copywriting Process

When you inquire about our copywriting services.  You’ll first receive our copy brief.  The brief’s goal is to gather a much information as possible.  We will then use the information to construct a  written assignment sheet.  In this document we’ll detail our target audience, marketing goals, project size, tone and deadlines.  Once the assignment sheet is acceptable, we’ll expect to receive  1/2 of the payment upfront.  A polished draft will be created and delivered to you.  We will then work with you to refine our copy to meet your desired expectations.  Online Ventures Asia will work with you by providing up to three free revisions.

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